Running better part 2-recovery

When I started running I would come back,  do a few random stretches and drink some water. I almost always had DOMS the following day or so but thought that was normal. However I discovered a few things which have really helped my recovery and therefore have made running more enjoyable.

My first discovery was Absolute 360 infra-red calf sleeves, I bought these simply because someone on Twitter recommended them as being good and not as tight fitting as other compression sleeves. They were(are) fab, easy to get on/off and so comfortable that I wear them overnight occasionally and once got in the shower without taking them off! I now have almost a complete Absolute360 wardrobe- leggings, top, t-shirt, ankle support and back support, headband and neck tube! All their products are super-comfortable and their speedy delivery is amazing!

A few months back I started seeing a product called Totum Sport being mentioned on Twitter and in one of the blogs I follow. When they hosted ukrunchat hour they offered a discount code so I thought I’d give it a try. Last Saturday I used it before and after my LSR and seemed to recover quicker that usual. This morning I used it again for parkrun with a couple of gentle kms before and after it. Not only did I knock almost a minute of my pb, I also felt much less tired than I usually would after that sort of effort.

The real test of both these will be next weekend when I’m hoping to be running 20+ miles at Samphire Hoe. If all goes to plan I’ll be slurping Totum Sport before and after and sleeping in Absolute 360 top and leggings. Hopefully I won’t be needing the back and ankle supports though!



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